About UsIncome for Life. A Simplified Process. That's Why We're Here.

Once upon a time, life was simple. You had a need, and could find a solution yourself. Today, there are hundreds of financial products all delivering differing service. Which one is right for you? How do you unscramble the benefits of these annuity packages while guaranteeing yourself income for life?

That's Why We're Here.

The way YourOwnRetirement.com operates is simple. We gather the best, value-conscious, financially-sound products in the market. We make them available to you, and explain their benefits using language that is easy to understand. In fact, we've staffed our offices with financial professionals who always keep our customers in mind. Our representatives aren't focused on sales, rather we are dedicated to offering you the right annuity or financial package that makes the most sense for your unique situation.

You're a person - not a statistic. We're experts in the field of finance and annuities. We'll take the time to explain the benefits of an annuity, walk you through the packages we offer, and listen to your retirement needs.

Meet the Pension Experts

The professionals at YourOwnRetirement.com come from a strong background in pension management. In this volatile economy, you can't afford to let any potential sources of income go to waste. Our experience includes tracking personal pension-related assets, recovering what's owed to you, and rolling it into your annuity plan.

You'd be amazed at the assets already owed to you: back pay, unclaimed funds, compensation from employers past. Our expertise in the field of pensions allows us to track these sources of wealth and put them to work in your annuity purchase. We'll work with you to find and buy out your pension plans. It's just another service we're happy to deliver our clients.

YourOwnRetirement.com has an exclusive partnership with Brant Hickey and Associates - an established financial firm with over 300 years of combined experience. We're headquartered near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and have offices in major cities across the United States. Our goal is to provide a lifetime income option where our clients can custom-design their own individual retirement plan by converting their pension, 401K, or savings into a lifetime income-all at a significantly lower cost.

risk free

Why leave your retirement savings plan in the "Wall Street Casino?" Extreme market volatility can significantly decrease your hard earned savings which could reduce your standard of living in retirement. If you are like most people, you cannot afford to lose money. Especially when those funds were designed to provide for you or your family.

Our insured annuity products offer you a positive, risk-free guaranteed competitive rate of return without market worries. Your retirement savings need to last you a lifetime. Why leave the financial future of your loved ones to chance? Insure a brighter future-at yourownretirement.com we guarantee it.

meet The Team

Dave Hickey, CPCUManaging Partner

David is a founding principal of YourOwnRetirement.com as well as Managing Partner of Brant Hickey & Associates, Inc., a leading provider of structured settlement annuities, for over 18 years. YOR and BH&A are headquartered in Sewickley, PA, with 33 regional offices across the United States.

Mr. Hickey resides in Cranberry Twp, PA with his wife, Susan, and five children. With three ice hockey players and one soccer player, Dave can usually be found at a local ice rink or field when not working with clients.


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